[ˈklʊp ˌmaːtə]


“Well, how're we feeling today? Had a hard day, feeling a bit tired and worn out?”


Say it loud and clear: "Club-Mate, please" - that will help!


Because Club-Mate refreshes and stimulates, without making you all fidgety. Club-Mate is made from maté - an old South American jungle plant. With its naturally occurring unique combination of stimulants, mate is still working miracles, even in this day and age.

It is an exclusive beverage, on maté. Club-Mate is standing right in front of you, and you taste it. It tastes really great, somehow different, refreshing. It tastes like a soft drink, but not as sweet. It features a unique combination of caffeine and tannins, it's stimulating but doesn't make you fidgety. It's delicious and refreshing.




"Have a drink, and not a doubt!"


Club-Mate combines everything, the market demands, it's both thirst-quenching and delicious, digestible It invigorates  you and gives you a boost.



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